There is a reason for every medical disorder..

.. but also a chance for improvement!

Did you already meet one or more physicians without improving your condition? In that case this is hitting the spot..

We offer help by powerful scientific expertise, enquiry of relevant specialist literature and comparison of lately published research data corresponding to your medical case to develop personalized treatment recommendations.

Our main focus is on the current biochemical status of each visitor as it is relevant to all physiological processes. At this scope there is a frequent possibility to  impact in a specific way without the use of prescription drugs. Thereby we often can achieve a clear improvement of individual health conditions. In case that´s not possible you´ll receive distinct diagnostic and therapeutic suggestions for a subsequent visit of your general practitioner.

Quite a few people suffer from dizziness of unknown origin - here a detailed anamnesis can reveal potential sources and exclude others.

Low blood pressure is common in young, slim adults and in most cases not life-threatening but an evident reduction of quality of life. As for many health issues, in both cases there often are plain treatment options with little side effect

Polyneuropathy is a common disease pattern, often referred to as " idiopathic", meaning there is a diagnosis but the reason is unknown. "Poly" just stands for "many", pointing out to several neurons and thereby several limbs affected. Via biochemical interaction we can reach a reduction of numbness and a better supply of respective neurons with crucial substances while saving them from toxic ones.

Whatever you are suffering from, there always will be an option to search for the reason and new therapy approaches for your medical needs by informed scientific literature enquiry.

Obtain valuable recommendations based on scientific expertise and individual enquiries covering current scientific literature - we are taking the time and regard every visitor holistically (including a detailed anamnesis).

Please refer also to the English (bottom) part of the web page  "Das Ziel - the ambitious aim":

These offers do NOT replace an initial visit to a general practitioner (GP)!  Our treament suggestions are offered additionally to meet your unmet medical needs.

Dr. Schaak listening