There is a reason for every medical disorder..

.. but also a chance for improvement,

sometimes by targeting basic biochemical and physiological mechanisms!

Some severe disorders can simply be related to deficiency syndromes or physiological dysregulation. Pathogenic immune responses could be modulated positively without suppressing them systemically.

Medical disorders can originate from many sources, a physiological or an immunological trigger might exist, also a metabolic disorder is possible. An inflammatory arthropathy would be recognized directly but might be difficult to treat in the beginning. There can be a stress-driven psychological constituent or any kind of tumorigenesis - the latter should be clarified with the GP  wherever possible ahead.

Did you already meet one or more physicians without improving your condition? In that case this is hitting the spot..

Whatever you are suffering from, there always will be an option to search for the reason and new therapy approaches for your medical needs by informed scientific literature inquiry.

Obtain valuable recommendations based on scientific expertise and individual enquiries covering current scientific literature -

we are taking the time and regard every visitor holistically!

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These offers do NOT replace an initial visit to a general practitioner (GP)!  Our treament suggestions are offered additionally to meet your unmet medical needs.